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margaret’s birthday celebration August 25, 2006

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14th august 2006 (mon) after house blessing at ps kenneth’s new place, we went over to coffee bean, damai to celebrate margaret’s 34th birthday. it was a great night of fun and laughter. pictured here from left to right – me, sharon, lee ken, margaret & vivien.
happy birthday, meg!


moments with maya… August 21, 2006

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19th july 2006 (wed) sapi island trip

maya & i took a 15-minute boat ride from kota kinabalu to sapi island. once there, she got busy with her canon 20D while i strolled along the beach, collecting seashells. i shall leave out the unpleasant bits (pricey, meatless lunch & an extremely tardy group who shared the boat with us).





26th july 2006 (wed) “modelling” at yayasan sabah

yes, it can only be maya. she brought along a prop for the photography session, an umbrella from singapore’s chinatown! it was a fun time of posing… trying to look pensive, demure, cheery etc… the whole range of emotions, within a short 45-minute. yup, it can only be her. here’s a picture of maya, when I took a break from posing. hey, who said it’s easy being a model? they deserve the pay!


9th august 2006 (wed) more “modelling” at tanjung aru beach

we are at it again. this time, the prop being a scarf from london.


14th august 2004 (mon) tete-a-tete at maya’s place

maya’s room is as interesting as the occupant. paintings, pictures, books, magazines, name cards, seashells, windchimes, framed cuban cigar boxes, framed maps, estee lauder’s serum, vitamin pills.. that’s all I can remember. enjoyed the heart to heart talk the most. oh, and the glorious apple pie.

17th august 2006 (wed) lunch at @tmosphere, 18th floor of yayasan sabah

maya: can I reserve a table with the view of the sea?

waitress: ma’m, this is a revolving restaurant.

me: (Enough said)

miss you, maya….