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seaventures dive resort: sipadan-mabul March 15, 2007

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this entry is for ah bee, who wanted to come but couldn’t make it… another time then. also for julia & cyn lee, who expressed interest in taking up diving – i’m waiting!
after a 40-minute flight from kota kinabalu to tawau, and an hour ride in the van from tawau airport, we arrived at semporna. this pic is taken at the jetty in semporna while waiting to board a speed boat to take us to the destination…

after about 45 minutes … seaventures dive resort!

it used to be an oil rig. now turned into a liveaboard.

a platform will take us all the way up to the “resort”, and take us down for a dive at the “seaventures house reef”

my favourite place to be – the sun deck

relaxing, facing the mabul island

in between dives, doing some personal reflections at the sun deck (and taking self-portrait!)

sunset, lovely

my room

more of the room (erm… not much actually)

wetsuits & dive equipments

dive plan

dive log. did my 50th dive here

took a 10-minute boat ride to go for a walk at mabul island on my final day at the resort. saw a group of boys, cracking open sea shells with a stone, to use the flesh as a bait to fish


this kid kept following me, for some reason

later i realised they were begging for money… asking for “business money”, while putting their palms out. after a while, i asked them the reason they were not in school. apparently they can’t afford it. this pic costs me rm1. suppose to pay them for taking their pics.

mabul water bungalows resort

what disparity! on one side, we have the impoverished village. on the other side, excesses…


i like this pic. i think it’ll entice maya to come over

the sipadan mabul resort (s.m.a.r.t.)


kampung mabul

met 3 nurses while walking around the island. they are based in semporna, having their travelling clinic on this island. i don’t mind being based here as a nurse!

they decided to do the whites today. mum taught them well.

biawak (monitor lizard) aplenty on the island. stopped a pakcik (uncle) to ask if they are edible. seems like they are kotor (dirty). he said only those bought from semporna market is edible. hmm…

this is interesting… dried triggerfish and sharks’ jaw! asked the owner the way it was done-the drying of the triggerfish. he told me after removing its flesh, the skin is left to dry under the sun. after that, it is sewn back together again. wonder will anyone buy it?

pit stop – time for another self-portrait


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