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personality test May 1, 2007

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results from tickle

Your test results indicate that the way you process information makes you a Creative Theorist.You are a highly… complex person. You process all kinds of information easily, using the power of both your creative and analytic abilities. In any situation, you know how to extract the most valuable details and use them to understand the larger picture. Most people do not have your talent of being able to spot both numerical and visual patterns.Your highly imaginative mind allows you to be innovative, and conjure up notions of what could be. In some circles this is called “thinking outside the box” and is considered an extremely valuable asset. However, not everyone is prepared for such an active imagination and you may find you have to spend time convincing people of your great ideas. It might behoove you to find others like you, who are able to understand how your mind works.

post scriptum: that explains the occasional weird thoughts ala ally mcbeal…

(I) Introversion:
This dimension describes how you approach and interact with the world and direct your energy output. The main misconception people have about this dimension is that introverts are shy and extraverts are loud. Not necessarily true. Introverts like you tend to think first and then speak, they like to reflect on a situation before contributing their thoughts. Extraverts tend to think and talk at the same time. This approach makes them more spontaneous but can also get them into trouble at times. To the Extravert, the outside world represents excitement and opportunity; they think and perform better in front of others. Because their energy is directed outward, Extraverts like being around people most of the time. You, on the other hand, direct your energy inward. You probably enjoy being around people, but prefer more intimate settings where you get to know fewer people on a deeper basis.
~ How true!

(N) Intuition:
This dimension demonstrates how people tend to process information. Intuitives are imaginative and look for deeper and abstract meanings with the information in front of them. When presented with information, people such as yourself enjoy pondering implications and consequences for the future. You look less to details and tend to capture the big picture faster than Sensors. You look at the ultimate possibilities of a situation, while Sensors tend to focus on concrete information. By using their five senses to gather data, Sensors trust what can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, or felt, not imagined. Sensors focus on the present and have great attention to detail and therefore can be relied upon for accurate information, while you are the one people look to for creative approaches.
~ erm… is this right?

(F) Feeling:
This dimension demonstrates how you make decisions. For Feelers, taking into account how others will be affected is just as important as objective information in the decision-making process. You are more likely to make exceptions to rules than do Thinkers, and in fact, you might see Thinkers as somewhat cold. You are highly understanding and therefore may be perceived as too emotional by Thinkers. Thinkers value analytical thinking and are methodical and logical when evaluating their options. They pride themselves on being objective and not subjective.
~ quite right

(J) Judging:
The last dimension describes whether you prefer closure or openness. Because of your strong need for control, Judgers enjoy structure and order. Judgers are organized and will tasks once they get started on something. Perceivers, on the other hand experience the world spontaneously and don’t make daily schedules. Perceivers like keeping their options open and pride themselves on adapting to whatever situation they confront. While Perceives love starting projects, you prefer the sense of accomplishment of completing a project which is why people might look to you as a good “closer.”
~ unfortunately, this is a spot-on about me…

For INFJ, one potential weakness is your perfectionist tendencies. There’s no stopping you when you get involved in projects. Once your interest is piqued, you commit yourself to doing the job right and according to your high standards. This may be a pitfall for you because focusing on one project solely can put a strain on your ability to do other tasks. Also, you spend so much time on the project to the detriment of other priorities in your life

Given that you are an INFJ, it is important that your work is meaningful. You believe your work should somehow improve the world. You can easily derive spiritual fulfillment by working at a non-profit organization or teaching.


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