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what do i do for a living? May 19, 2007

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palliative care association of kota kinabalu (pcakk) is an n.g.o. that currently looks after patients, who are diagnosed with advanced incurable cancers, in their homes. the aim is to alleviate the suffering of these patients by controlling disease symptoms such as pain, nausea & vomitting, ascites, constipation, pressure sores and others, which are fairly common in patients with cancer.
on the first visit, patients are assessed from head to toe. this will serve as a baseline to assess for improvement/deterioration on subsequent visits. also, it will help us to identify existing physical symptoms that we can help patients to deal with.

in addition, we will “kay poh” a bit and ask about their family background. from the genogram, we can then identify the main carer/decision maker as well as potential/existing psychosocial problems.
we need to keep a close tab on patients’ medications to ensure that they are taken regularly, as prescribed. this is essential, especially in pain control. sometimes, one (1) patient can be on about twenty (20) different drugs. how horrible can it be?

here, i was measuring his abdominal girth, monitoring the collection of excess fluid in the peritoneal cavity.

btw, this patient has passed away about 2 months ago. his final wish was rm20 and mango/orange juice. he is special to me, because i learnt a lot of things when taking care of him. oh, all identities of patients are protected. therefore, the covered/”cut” headshots.

some patients will remain special… like this uncle. i will miss him when he’s gone. such a good father, such a good husband. 50 years of marriage and still going on strong. he is still so sweet to the wife.

 just too young…

i love visiting interesting homes like this

besides home visits, we also attend trainings/conferences/talks/etc.

at times, we go for visits. here, we went to the radiotherapy centre at smc.

dame cecily saunders ~ “you matter because you are you. you matter to the last moment of your life.”

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