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miracle June 27, 2007

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it wasn’t the opioid which eases her pain that brought a smile to her face. nor was it the aseptic dressing to her fungating wound. no. neither was it the elaborate positioning to maximize her comfort. it was the perfume which was brandished from the handbag. it has been a while since she smelled this good. she giggled like a little girl when the perfume was sprayed behind her ears. next stop, manicure…

post scriptum: i wrote about her a little while back here. it was as if she was near death a few weeks ago. however, God has something in store for her. she became more conscious and alert after a few days of hospitalization. she was discharged to one of her brothers’ house. her sister-in-law shared with her about the love of Jesus. she accepted Christ into her heart. on top of all these, her hired filipino carer is a christian who takes excellent care of her, and tells her bible stories. God is so gracious. He does not leave us alone nor forsaken. in the face of difficulties, He reveals to us His grace. by the way, the perfume is aptly named “miracle”.

ouch!!! June 24, 2007

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four local anaesthesia injections.

one wisdom tooth – sized down to several small parts.

sound of drilling. sound of cutting. sound of cracking.

all in all, about 5 extractions of the sized down tooth.


rm450 poorer (free x-ray courtesy of dr moy).

post scriptum: compared to my experience in singapore, i think dr moy did a great job! singapore = sgd600. sabah = rm450.


my beloved nephew June 21, 2007

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ezra, my nephew
with aunty

royal lift capsules by eccelente June 12, 2007

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i don’t understand the chinese wordings… but all i understand is that the Royal Lift Capsule by Eccelente contains a substance called argeline. what in the world is argeline? curious, i google-d it and here’s what i got:~
“this anti aging cosmetic supposedly produces powerful actions, while producing youthful skin in about one month. the cosmetic claims to reduce wrinkles greatly, while hydrating the skin in minutes. in addition, the cosmetic retextures the skin while reducing moisture that is loss due to age and environmental diminishing.”

“… botox in a jar…”

hmm… interesting. will keep this product in mind. use it when i’m old and wrinkled like a prune.

then i’ll become like this…

ok, i’m exaggerating.


far and away…

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peck ling was my cell leader when i was in sydney. for the first 3 months that i was there, i felt down and out. adjusting to new culture, studies, relationships with new friends et cetera got to me. but it was then that i came to know her. peck ling was committed to see us through and because of her, i came back from sydney – not straying.
peck ling & sean, with andre

other friends that God placed along my path to bless and be blessed:
fran was my closest pal, my travelling buddy – we took a 12 hour coach ride to melbourne, went to gold coast, flew to tasmania and took the weekly shuttle bus to hillsong city. we shared a lot, been through a lot together. til today, we still keep in touch, thanks to MSN.
vina was a great pal – stayed over at her place, shared some with her, went to THAT pancake place several times over, and once walked a loooooooooooooooong walk at midnight with her from my place to sydney city, lasting about 2-3 hours? can’t remember, but it was indeed a looooooooooooooooooong walk.
mirana was a group assignment buddy. we worked well together. travelled a second time to melbourne with her, and yes, the similar 12-hour coach ride. took kick boxing classes together with her (don’t ever mess with us!).
fred, my quirky french-canadian housemate. taught me how to cook a simple but wicked serving of pasta. introduced me to wine. told me no question is ever stupid. changed some of my asian values esp. saying “no” when i meant “yes”. and told me to watch out for hillsong church as it may be a cult (i was more amused than anything). oh, travelled to newscastle with him and his friends, 3-hour train ride away, on a really last minute notice. he is like a big brother i never had.

you sow, you reap June 5, 2007

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sent out approximately 34 emails last night – to close friends, to friends afar off, to long lost friends. even to some people whom i don’t really expect a reply from. today, received about 18 replies. 52.94% response.

i wonder why it took me so so so long to keep in touch with some of them… a few of them “terang-terang” expressed their surprise to hear from me. one of them is an ex-university mate whom i’ve lost touch with for 6 years! likewise, some of them surprised me by replying. so so so happy to hear from them… to know what has been happening in their lives.


a tale of two husbands June 2, 2007

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H was laid on a thin mattress in a room on the 3rd floor of a low cost housing area. eyes staring vacantly into space. drowning lungs gasping for air. a smelly, fungating wound over her right breast. a gaping wound on her right arm. tell tale signs of her losing battle with breast cancer. what seems worse was that she has no loved ones around her, save for an indifferent maid employed by her brother, who was too busy with his business to take care of her.
i remember not too long ago, she shared that her husband was chased by “ah longs” (loansharks). out of her love, she paid the rm900 loan with her life savings. even though she needed it for her medical expenses, she gave it anyway. now, her husband had forsaken her. abandoned her. left her to fend for her life, literally.
we asked for her permission to admit her into the ward for respite care. she nodded. there was so much she wanted to tell us. i could see it from her eyes, her facial expression. the last thing i said to her was, “talk to God in your heart, tell Him”. she nodded.


i saw C‘s picture in the daily express. it was the notice of her demise. i could not recognize her at all. the picture staring back at me was that of an attractive female, with long curly hair and fleshy cheeks.
the last time i saw her was right before the harvest festival holidays. she was bald and skinny. she was tired from fighting cervical cancer for the past 2 years. after operation, chemotherapy and radiation, the cancer prevailed. she, too, had a huge fungating wound over her perineum region.
however, she was showered with tender loving care by her young husband. he was helpless and devastated. it showed all over his face. yet, he was faithful throughout the whole ordeal.
she past away peacefully after her wish to have a harvest festival celebration with close friends and family was fulfilled.