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royal lift capsules by eccelente June 12, 2007

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i don’t understand the chinese wordings… but all i understand is that the Royal Lift Capsule by Eccelente contains a substance called argeline. what in the world is argeline? curious, i google-d it and here’s what i got:~
“this anti aging cosmetic supposedly produces powerful actions, while producing youthful skin in about one month. the cosmetic claims to reduce wrinkles greatly, while hydrating the skin in minutes. in addition, the cosmetic retextures the skin while reducing moisture that is loss due to age and environmental diminishing.”

“… botox in a jar…”

hmm… interesting. will keep this product in mind. use it when i’m old and wrinkled like a prune.

then i’ll become like this…

ok, i’m exaggerating.


One Response to “royal lift capsules by eccelente”

  1. cfaithc Says:

    haha so funnyif really can turn the ugly ah pek to the beauty i want one also!

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