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far and away… June 12, 2007

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peck ling was my cell leader when i was in sydney. for the first 3 months that i was there, i felt down and out. adjusting to new culture, studies, relationships with new friends et cetera got to me. but it was then that i came to know her. peck ling was committed to see us through and because of her, i came back from sydney – not straying.
peck ling & sean, with andre

other friends that God placed along my path to bless and be blessed:
fran was my closest pal, my travelling buddy – we took a 12 hour coach ride to melbourne, went to gold coast, flew to tasmania and took the weekly shuttle bus to hillsong city. we shared a lot, been through a lot together. til today, we still keep in touch, thanks to MSN.
vina was a great pal – stayed over at her place, shared some with her, went to THAT pancake place several times over, and once walked a loooooooooooooooong walk at midnight with her from my place to sydney city, lasting about 2-3 hours? can’t remember, but it was indeed a looooooooooooooooooong walk.
mirana was a group assignment buddy. we worked well together. travelled a second time to melbourne with her, and yes, the similar 12-hour coach ride. took kick boxing classes together with her (don’t ever mess with us!).
fred, my quirky french-canadian housemate. taught me how to cook a simple but wicked serving of pasta. introduced me to wine. told me no question is ever stupid. changed some of my asian values esp. saying “no” when i meant “yes”. and told me to watch out for hillsong church as it may be a cult (i was more amused than anything). oh, travelled to newscastle with him and his friends, 3-hour train ride away, on a really last minute notice. he is like a big brother i never had.

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