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miracle June 27, 2007

Filed under: work — daughterofdestiny @ 21:08
it wasn’t the opioid which eases her pain that brought a smile to her face. nor was it the aseptic dressing to her fungating wound. no. neither was it the elaborate positioning to maximize her comfort. it was the perfume which was brandished from the handbag. it has been a while since she smelled this good. she giggled like a little girl when the perfume was sprayed behind her ears. next stop, manicure…

post scriptum: i wrote about her a little while back here. it was as if she was near death a few weeks ago. however, God has something in store for her. she became more conscious and alert after a few days of hospitalization. she was discharged to one of her brothers’ house. her sister-in-law shared with her about the love of Jesus. she accepted Christ into her heart. on top of all these, her hired filipino carer is a christian who takes excellent care of her, and tells her bible stories. God is so gracious. He does not leave us alone nor forsaken. in the face of difficulties, He reveals to us His grace. by the way, the perfume is aptly named “miracle”.

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