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my love July 31, 2007

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went kampung again

same old familiar road… from a different angle

what fruit is this? i was told but i forgot. darab? can’t remember! ARGHHHH!! *edit* it’s tarap.

¬†jinolis and patient’s grandson collecting durian kampung
my love

weighty issue July 9, 2007

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just asked a dive buddy about his weight. here goes our conversation:~
Be motivated says (11:52 PM):
up and down
Be motivated says (11:52 PM):
not stable
Be motivated says (11:52 PM):
– c a t h @ home – says (11:52 PM):
very stable
– c a t h @ home – says (11:52 PM):
all the way up

a God of hope July 5, 2007

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God is a God of HOPE…

God still parts water to make a way in a seemingly impossible situation…