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my love July 31, 2007

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went kampung again

same old familiar road… from a different angle

what fruit is this? i was told but i forgot. darab? can’t remember! ARGHHHH!! *edit* it’s tarap.

 jinolis and patient’s grandson collecting durian kampung
my love

2 Responses to “my love”

  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    Great blog. Enjoy your musing and ranting. At one go, read all the entries. Now, have a glimpse of the real Cath Kong. :)Your life full of adventures and pretty interesting. The great outdoor, without the bruises and cuts, has no glory. Yes, one can get worn out. Take five to revitalise yourself once in awhile.Ah, talking abt children. Adults think they know so much abt life but children have a lot to teach us what life is all about. They say the darndest things.In their innocence, they have no preconceived ideas. Their minds are open to be amazed. I rather have an open mind than to be closed with beliefs.Cath, I have bookmarked your blog if you don’t mind. So happy you blog.Cheers.

  2. Hi&Lo Says:

    Commenting on your new hairstyle, you look cool and sassy. Abt your dress sense, you look nice in anything.

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