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khao lak: day 2 August 15, 2007

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5th August 2007 (Sunday)

woke up at 8am for buffet breakfast with maya at cafe lilawadee. usually, i’d have muesli and fruits, followed by smoked salmon and cheese, and end with a 3-minute egg/omellete/sunny-side-up egg with pancake(s). maya would have her usuals too…

after our sumptuos breakfast, we walked about the resort…

final pic before changing for the beach. cuti bah, jadi mahu banyak sikit gambar lor.
i agree with aunty vui tze that the beach was not much different than tanjung aru beach of kota kinabalu. don’t you think so?
maya, attempting to take a shot of the waves rolling in…
maya, looking fine with her hat and sunnies
i know, i know.. my eyes were half-closed. but this is one of the few pics with BOTH of us in it.
oh, vanity
relaxing after a stroll along the beach. shortly after, we went for spa (or was it before the stroll?)
frankly speaking, i can’t remember at which point did we go for a dip in the pool. but we did.
had dinner at bangsak grill. our pina coladas and mojitos
… along with our rib-eye steak and australian angus sirloin steak. it was here that i learnt “complains 101” from maya. it was good, i guess. long story. we shall not go there.
also, i shall skip the part where maya woke up at 3am due to jetlag and tried having a conversation with me (love you still, maya).

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