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khao lak: day 6 August 17, 2007

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9th august 2007 (thursday)

muesli and fruits for breakfast. yummy!

went for a dip at the pool. then just lazed around on the deckchair, trying out singha, munching peanuts and reading a book. maya was at the spa.

while maya went online…

 … i went around taking pics with my handphone’s camera (the only camera i brought).

 after shower, i read while munching junks. yes, maya was napping. when she woke up, we went to bamboo bar for young coconuts and long island iced tea. since it was happy hour, it was buy one free one. thank goodness maya helped with the long island because i was getting tipsy.
 finally, the thai restaurant at le meridien opened (thursday til sunday only).
 had great thai food. i miss tom yam goong and green curry so so so soooooooo much!

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  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    Cath,Very interesting accounts. Glad you had great time and company.The last time I was in Phuket was donkey years ago. It has some ambience of old Penang – its people, culture and buildings. The Chinese there also spoke Penang lingo.At one time the governor-general of Phuket was a Penangite Khaw Sim Bee. Of course, he adopted a Thai name. He was very close with King Bhumipol.Just after the war, Thailand wanted to reclaim Kedah, Perlis and Kelantan as it was their territories before the British. This was not in our history book but in the Thai syllabus.Khaw’s towering influence on the King played a significant role to let the 3 states remain in Malaya.The other factor was Tengku Abdul Rahman whose mother was a Thai princess. Had our first PM had no Thai ties, the story would have been different.If Thailand was enlarged to include the 3 Muslim states, it would have its hands full on the southern insurgency.The fighting in the southern provinces is very recent. Before that, the peace was held by the then Malayan Communist Party (MCP).The Thai govt at that time allowed the MCP to move around the borders without any harassment.It was only after the MCP signed the Haddyai Accord with KL to lay down arms that troubles brew in the provinces.

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