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khao lak: day 8 (finale) August 18, 2007

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11th august 2007 (saturday)

suffocation danger exists?

now, i wonder, whose head can fit into this?

on my final day in khao lak, after our buffet breakfast, i went for a walk out of the resort to the surrounding area.

tiny snails hidden beneath the fern

flattened frog by the road side. look closely and you might see the entrails coming out of its mouth
river – from a nearby waterfall
 house – with a typical thai roof
after walking for about 20 minutes, i decided to turn back at this point
grim reminder
 stopped by this tuck shop for a drink
 need to fill up your gas tank? diesel, unleaded, and super unleaded (just guessing)
wish i had a dSLR then. lots and lots of photo opportunity
went back to the resort, woke maya up, showered, packed, checked out, chauffeured back to phuket…
at phuket international airport… maya checking her blackberry. nice bangle.
 maya with her roasted pork rice, and my dimsum.

soon, we bade our farewell and went our separate ways. *sob*sob* it only seems like yesterday that we were planning for this trip. how fast time flies. now, it’s back to reality.

 i reached kuala lumpur international airport around 10.30pm. tried to read while having burger king’s apple pie and coffee.
 the airport is practically empty around midnight. even the cleaning crew and the immigration staff napped on the chair.
empty chairs. tired. sleepy. tempting.
succumbed to temptation (maya, it wasn’t planned, it just… happened)
woke up around 2am. VERY cold… brrrrrrrr. bodyache. hungry. bored.
boarded mh2638 back to kota kinabalu around 3.30am. reached home around 7am. back to reality.

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