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sunset @ anjung selera August 19, 2007

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ladies and gentlemen, i’m finally a proud owner of a canon 350d, after great “encouragement from pei san (and in serious debt now). its very first outing was to anjung senja for sunset shots. for your information, all photographs were taken from the same spot, our table, with drinks. so sedentary.

introducing my “hubby” (picture courtesy of julia)

julia’s way of handling her camera is so much more… refined

taken with zoom lens. toying with the Tv function

my oft-photographed feet


my glass of milo

final display of splendour

post scriptum: i am available for free labour – photographing weddings, birthdays, special functions/occasions, even funerals.

3 Responses to “sunset @ anjung selera”

  1. cyn² Says:

    yay!!! yeepeeee… finally!! congrats cath! well.. i dun mind bring your model.. XD

  2. Julia Chung Says:

    Friend, where got more refined oh :)Wuaaa……… ur pix so much DOF oh 🙂

  3. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    cyn: yeah, i got two “cynthia”s who volunteered to be my models. *happy*julia: ya bah, refined bah. don’t you think so?

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