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cookie monsters September 30, 2007

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yesterday, triplet members decided to bake cookies.

ingredients needed

hui tin was our cookie guru…

sharon mixing the dough while we looked on

hui tin scrapping the dough off sharon’s fingers *yikes*

cookies in the oven

this is aunty vui tze

enjoying the fruit of our labour (i did help too la… besides taking pictures… kekekeekeke)

baby zoe, our cookie monster


lanterns @lintasan deasoka

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went to lintasan deasoka for picture-taking with margaret a few days ago. the lanterns that was put up for mid-autumn celebration, looked so pretty from afar. somehow, it didn’t turn out as what i had expected upon closer look. oh well… since we were there…










medical camp @kampung entilibon part 2 September 29, 2007

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all the pictures in this post is shot by pei san, who is from christ church likas. i only “stole” the pictures with my face in it from her website. for the rest of the pictures taken during the trip with her canon 400d, please visit here.

chatting with aunty doris (elaine’s mum) at wisma anglican before leaving for telupid

group picture taken at telupid, after a short briefing by mr ranjit (surgeon of sabah medical centre, medical chairman of palliative care association & director of diocesan welfare board)

saying grace before breakfast at telupid, before departing for kampung entilibon


noodle for breakfast…

dr babu (unsuccessfully) demonstrating the use of a glucometer at kampung entilibon

dr babu, myself, pastor syen tze & aunty jessie paying attention to this guy who was showing us the way to use the glucometer

dr molly handing over more glucometers, glucose strips, alcohol swabs and et cetera

pei san got a shot of me pulling up my pants

no idea what we were doing then


post scriptum: i’m looking forward for the next trip…


you can run but you can’t hide September 27, 2007

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went for a walk at likas sports complex


it was therapeutic for the soul.

medical camp @kampung entilibon September 25, 2007

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ever been involuntarily “volunteered” by someone else to do something? *grins*

recently, i was “volunteered” by mr ranjit (medical advisor of palliative care association & chairman of anglican diocesan welfare board) to go to kampung entilibon for a medical camp, organised by the diocesan welfare board.

on 22nd september 2007 (saturday) at about 12pm, about 60 of us (medical doctors, nurses and volunteers) gathered at wisma anglican of all saints’ cathedral. we were then sent off with a prayer by bishop albert vun.

i was put in a 4wd together with dr babu & jessie wong of labuan and amy of all saints’ cathedral’s chinese congregation. we were driven by datuk foo of all saints’ cathedral. a fun team indeed!

we left kk around 12:45pm. by 3.30pm, we stopped by ranau for toilet break/lunch/stretchings.

we finally reached the valley of blessing, telupid around 6pm. this was where we spent the night before departing for kampung entilibon the next day.

that night, we had barbeque at archdeacon melter tais’ residence after a short time of praise & worship, followed by speech from mr ranjit and david wong.


i managed to fall asleep only around 1am. the next day, we woke up at 5.30am for clean up, pack up & breakfast.
supposed to leave at 7am for kampung entilibon. while waiting for the rest to get ready, i managed to squeeze in some time for a few more shots.
waaaaaaaaaaaaaiting… sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy

we departed for the one-hour journey to kampung entilibon around 7.30am. what a bumpy ride it was…

we reached there around 8.30am and immediately went into action… registration, blood pressure taking, blood glucose measurement and general screening (dr babu, dr mahendran, dr davy hong, dr george) before instant referal to specialists (opthalmologists – dr molly/dr sina, ear nose throat specialist – dr maher, o&g – dr helen lasimbang, skin specialist – dr melinda tong, paediatrician – dr june liew and a dentist)


kampung entilibon has an approximate population of 600+ villagers. most of them are farmers. their main language spoken being kadazan/dusun, although most of them speak malay too. while doing the finger prick for the blood glucose measurement, i kept repeating in kadazan, “sikit aru-al” (a little painful). some of them were amused… until they were pricked.


dr june taking good care of the kids

dispensing medicines
ps syen tze from sandakan and pei san, the official photographer for the camp
the makeshift toilet
from left: dr babu (surgeon), datuk foo (driver), me (nurse), jessie (nurse) and amy
you know, i enjoyed this medical camp so much that i was glad i was being “volunteered”. by the end of the camp, we trust that about 480 villagers’ health and welfare were improved…
~ showing God’s love in a practical manner ~

famous amos September 24, 2007

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amos lo jun hao was born a month ago at kk specialist centre…


he seems so alert… staring straight into my camera!

banyak angpow oh…


mum, shirley chung was my ex-cell group mate before i was transferred to another cell group. dad is anthony lo, attending cell group together with wife now.

my ex-cell group mates: vivien, kelly and margaret

fullmoon celebration was at this restaurant…

mum putting gold necklace on amos
yummy dinner… i love the chicken with chinese wine!
shirley & anthony with their cell group members
with the rest of the cell group members/leaders
the obligatory red hard boiled egg
baby zoe with the hard boiled egg
happy mummy
i just like rev kenneth’s facial expression! i have no idea what they were talking about though
aunty fui ying gesturing that her stomach was full
shirley with matthew, shania & madalen
proud first-timer parents
anthony and tito are good friends
the ONLY picture with my face in it
congratulations, shirley & anthony!
post scriptum: it was not easy to capture those precious moments. once i have decided on the angle/composition/exposure… those moments had passed. will definitely need more practice. so, who’s next?

“rojak” post September 21, 2007

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got this box full of unused drugs from ONE patient who has high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and gastritis. 95% of the drugs were expired. unused. wasted. the reason she accumulated so much drugs is that the medical doctors did not listen well to her and kept prescribing her drugs that she did not require… drugs that were not suitable for her. i wonder how much of the tax payers’ money has gone into this…

went to tuaran for lunch. had the famous tuaran mee

… and the “tauhu sumbat” (stuffed tauhu)

and the reason we were there? to attend a patient’s funeral service. after facing so many deaths (7 during the month of august, not including my colleagues’ patients), i feel my heart hardening. i can’t emphatize as much. maybe it’s just my coping mechanism kicking in… otherwise i’ll be continually grieving

met up with vivien for dinner at city mall shopping centre. also planned to do some shopping for shirley’s son, amos’ fullmoon dinner tomorrow. alas, city mall’s retail outlets are pretty limited.
oh, did i mention, vivien suggested to shirley for me to be the “photographer” for their son’s dinner tomorrow? what privilege! i’m pretty excited! but i have got to do some “homeworks”, e.g. check out some professional photographer’s websites to have an idea how to photograph babies. i mean, i’m so used to taking pictures of landscapes, which i can take my time to compose each shot. as for occasions like this upcoming fullmoon dinner, special moments are so fleeting. i hope i can capture all the precious moments, so that years down the road, they can look back and remember those moments fondly.