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central market September 8, 2007

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was at coffee culture again yesterday, but this time round, with julia. afterward, we went to the nearby central market to take pictures. the part i enjoyed most was being able to talk to different people along the way, from the uncle who was about to go on a fishing trip, to the boat operator going to gaya island.


i was kind of fascinated by this uncle who was sleeping on one of the boats. must have been a hard day at work because he slept soundly throughout the whole time that we were there. although he kept changing his sleeping position, never once did he open his eyes.







julia was trying to capture the image reflected on my camera lens
 quirky angle which i don’t normally like.
the fare from here to gaya island cost only rm1.50 for 14 passengers. i think i have the making of a quixotic traveller. am toying with this idea of going over to gaya island for picture taking. hmm…
after hanging around the dock for quite sometime, we walked over to the alley behind the central market. the whiff of rotten fish was… at times, overwhelming. i really appreciate those fishmongers. i digress. these two ladies were playing with their mobile phones. note the grafitti on the wall in front of them. it says, “ardi curi rokok” (ardi stole cigarettes).
 this guy seems like he is waiting for someone/something
 ever wonder who emptied all the rubbish? mr dbkk
 really appreciate their effort to keep the town clean. they are the unseen people who makes this city cleaner, better. at times, it’s so easy for me to take them for granted.
 busy, busy, busy…
 as usual, an offering from the peak

3 Responses to “central market”

  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    Hi Cath,You really make use of all your senses to tell the story thru the lens. Your shots capture the moods.I often walk around to soak in the atmosphere around me. But your pictures bring out the focal point.To quote Helen Keller, “We differ, blind and seeing, one from another, not in our senses but in the use we make of them, in the imagination and courage with which we seek wisdom beyond the senses.”Helen Keller, as we know, was blind and mute since she was a 19-month old babe. What did she know of seeing and hearing? But her disability of sight and sound made her sensitive to the surrounding.She truly lived up to her imagination and courage to the hilt.

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    thanks for the comment.what amazes me about helen keller was her strength to rise above her disabilities.she had all the reasons to have self-pity and be bitter. yet, she chose to put all those behind and made her life count.

  3. Julia Chung Says:

    Hi & Lo said it well: Your shots capture the moodsBravo!!!

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