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wanted: tripod September 8, 2007

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julia and i went on a foray into night scene photography. i didn’t take much pictures as most of them turned out blurred. again, the importance of tripod.
we went up to the 3rd (or was it 4th) level of the sutera harbour magellan wing to take this shot
 this is pacific sutera harbour. best i can do sans tripod. only with a pair of stable (unstable rather) hands, balanced posture, and…. BREATH HOLDING!

 i sat on the floor to take this pic…


 …while julia went the extra mile by prostrating herself on the ground!


 close up shot

 afterward, we drove over to tanjung aru’s san francisco coffee for a drink


 i was looking through julia’s pictures while she used “gus” to shoot me. maya, remember the t-shirt? miss peach will be proud *wink*


 bubbles bubbles bubbles… used to love playing with these when i was young-er.


 corny picture

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