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bon voyage September 17, 2007

Filed under: friends,photography — daughterofdestiny @ 10:31

 took this picture last saturday when i was stuck in the traffic while on my way to get melissa for dinner

THIS… is melissa. i think i got to know her while i was in singapore. melissa was then about to go over and maya, our mutual friend, introduced us.
in life, i can rarely open up myself to another person. i count melissa as one of those very few gems.

surely, you’ll fatten up once you go over to toronto! *evil grin*


i’ll miss you, melissa…

One Response to “bon voyage”

  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    I know more abt you from your blog than talking to you face-to-face. :)You have an eye for beauty. From the shots you captured, you reveal your depth in your soul for all things simple.I also know you have no qualms talking to strangers. This exposes you to different realities.But to me, you speak only when spoken to. 🙂

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