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“rojak” post September 21, 2007

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got this box full of unused drugs from ONE patient who has high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, cancer and gastritis. 95% of the drugs were expired. unused. wasted. the reason she accumulated so much drugs is that the medical doctors did not listen well to her and kept prescribing her drugs that she did not require… drugs that were not suitable for her. i wonder how much of the tax payers’ money has gone into this…

went to tuaran for lunch. had the famous tuaran mee

… and the “tauhu sumbat” (stuffed tauhu)

and the reason we were there? to attend a patient’s funeral service. after facing so many deaths (7 during the month of august, not including my colleagues’ patients), i feel my heart hardening. i can’t emphatize as much. maybe it’s just my coping mechanism kicking in… otherwise i’ll be continually grieving

met up with vivien for dinner at city mall shopping centre. also planned to do some shopping for shirley’s son, amos’ fullmoon dinner tomorrow. alas, city mall’s retail outlets are pretty limited.
oh, did i mention, vivien suggested to shirley for me to be the “photographer” for their son’s dinner tomorrow? what privilege! i’m pretty excited! but i have got to do some “homeworks”, e.g. check out some professional photographer’s websites to have an idea how to photograph babies. i mean, i’m so used to taking pictures of landscapes, which i can take my time to compose each shot. as for occasions like this upcoming fullmoon dinner, special moments are so fleeting. i hope i can capture all the precious moments, so that years down the road, they can look back and remember those moments fondly.

2 Responses to ““rojak” post”

  1. Vivien Says:

    next time i recommend more people to refer to you when they need a photographer for any occasion, ok…practise makes perfect..heheee

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    ya ya ya.. thank you, thank you. when i get better, i’ll start charging (e.g. dinner/teh c/chocolate bar/durians). heheheheheh…

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