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famous amos September 24, 2007

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amos lo jun hao was born a month ago at kk specialist centre…


he seems so alert… staring straight into my camera!

banyak angpow oh…


mum, shirley chung was my ex-cell group mate before i was transferred to another cell group. dad is anthony lo, attending cell group together with wife now.

my ex-cell group mates: vivien, kelly and margaret

fullmoon celebration was at this restaurant…

mum putting gold necklace on amos
yummy dinner… i love the chicken with chinese wine!
shirley & anthony with their cell group members
with the rest of the cell group members/leaders
the obligatory red hard boiled egg
baby zoe with the hard boiled egg
happy mummy
i just like rev kenneth’s facial expression! i have no idea what they were talking about though
aunty fui ying gesturing that her stomach was full
shirley with matthew, shania & madalen
proud first-timer parents
anthony and tito are good friends
the ONLY picture with my face in it
congratulations, shirley & anthony!
post scriptum: it was not easy to capture those precious moments. once i have decided on the angle/composition/exposure… those moments had passed. will definitely need more practice. so, who’s next?

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