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medical camp @kampung entilibon part 2 September 29, 2007

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all the pictures in this post is shot by pei san, who is from christ church likas. i only “stole” the pictures with my face in it from her website. for the rest of the pictures taken during the trip with her canon 400d, please visit here.

chatting with aunty doris (elaine’s mum) at wisma anglican before leaving for telupid

group picture taken at telupid, after a short briefing by mr ranjit (surgeon of sabah medical centre, medical chairman of palliative care association & director of diocesan welfare board)

saying grace before breakfast at telupid, before departing for kampung entilibon


noodle for breakfast…

dr babu (unsuccessfully) demonstrating the use of a glucometer at kampung entilibon

dr babu, myself, pastor syen tze & aunty jessie paying attention to this guy who was showing us the way to use the glucometer

dr molly handing over more glucometers, glucose strips, alcohol swabs and et cetera

pei san got a shot of me pulling up my pants

no idea what we were doing then


post scriptum: i’m looking forward for the next trip…


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