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who visits this blog? October 15, 2007

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averagely, about 15 persons visit this blog daily. i’m rather curious as to who drops by here. as far as i know, only these people are regulars (i think):-

1. maya (london)
2. keith (s’pore)
3. julia (sabah)
4. cyn chia (sabah)
5. bee (s’pore)
6. ken lip (tokyo)
7. winnie (sabah)
8. vivien (sabah)
9. cheang (sabah)

as for the rest, don’t keep me wondering… do drop me a comment and let me know who you are!

10. sham (sabah)
11. mei hsia (sabah)


2 Responses to “who visits this blog?”

  1. S h a M © Says:

    guilty… XD

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    well, well, well… since you confess, i shall spare you from the “baywatch” post ;)thanks for the “confession”. as for the rest of you, get rid of your guilt and come clean here =)

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