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ordination of priest October 18, 2007

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’twas a holy day….

on the 14th october 2007, reverend kenneth thien su yin was ordained as a priest of the anglican community. he is the founder of d’stream anglican church, which happens to be the church that i go to. well, to be honest, i do not know the true significance of the whole thing. all i know is that, now i can have bread & wine during worship service, on a regular basis.

bishop albert vun, with rev yong thiam choy


aunty fui ying and zaccaria, witnessing the event

rev kenneth at far right, along with other priests to be ordained

rev kenneth making some public declaration (not too sure what it was… i was too focused in taking pics bah. don’t give me that pious look!)

signing “something” (ok, fine… if you really really really want to know what it was, come to d’stream this sunday and find out! i’m sure rev kenneth will give you a lengthy “anglican” explanation)

reciting “something”
bishop albert vun laying hands on rev kenneth (though you can’t see him)

bishop presenting a bible to rev kenneth. i’m sure there is a significance to this.

holy garb

hmm… i wonder what’s in the bag!?
canon moses chin’s robe

formal pic


family pic
cynthia lee & “ollie” (her camera)
the elegant serri

gerry and the ever smiley cynthia chia, who has an attractive soul

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