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beringgis @papar November 7, 2007

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27 October 2007 (sat) – went to beringgis, papar with cynthia chia…

this is cynthia chia, the administrator of d’stream. she was there to scout the place for an upcoming alpha “talk”. i tagged along as a driver/photographer/companion. it was pretty fun, taking pictures along the way.

nope, we won’t be staying overnight. just a day trip…


this sales executive from beringgis resort, papar was pretty helpful. she showed us almost ALL the conference rooms. needless to say, we did quite a bit of walking.
sufficient chairs? checked.

we detoured a little to look at the new wing. i love cynthia chia’s pose in this picture. glam betul.
satu lagi
caught in action
we stopped by wah juan in tanjung aru for lunch. i must say, they serve killer teh c! love it!

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