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the supremes November 12, 2007

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3rd november 2007 – the former ladies of the supremes consist of scherrie payne, freddi poole and lynda laurence. they performed at the palliative care association of kota kinabalu‘s annual charity dinner & concert 2007 at the grand ballroom, magellan sutera of sutera harbour resort. prices per table of 10 persons range from RM 3,000 up til RM15,000.

red wine costs RM12/glass or RM100/bottle. the bottles of red wine were sponsored by winecellar.




i think the beer costs RM12/mug. obviously, carlsberg beer was sponsored by – carlsberg.

ice carving with green backlight



i attended the dinner, dressed in sari. simply love it! all the six (6) paintings behind me were later auctioned off.

left to right: myself, dr molly, dr ranjit and mary

 jinolis: banyak sudu, garpu sama pisau. guna yang mana satu dulu?
me: peduli lah, asal makanan masuk mulut.
(maya will not be pleased)

was chewing on my food when this picture was taken…


the supremes

being vain

here, i was wearing a pair of green cantact lenses.

The PCA gang =)

we didn’t eat much during dinner as we were officially on-duty. when i reached home around 1am, my stomach was growling. later, i had these.

post scriptum: i better post this up before i start typing gibberish. sleepy!!!


5 Responses to “the supremes”

  1. S h a M © Says:

    oohh!!! I like the sari!! You look really elegant in it!”peduli lah, asal makanan masuk mulut.”– totally agree x)

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    terima kasih!

  3. eeb Says:

    you looks great in sari…..

  4. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    you only see me in wetsuit. so any other alternative is better la!thanks anyway… now let’s hope an indian guy will marry me, so i can look nice all year round.

  5. cyn² Says:

    ahhahaa.. im so late in reading all these.. missed so much :(ya!! you look great in Sari.. and.. don’t have to marry an indian just to.. well.. :pjia you!!!

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