through gus' lenses

i thank God for… November 28, 2007

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family (even though they are imperfect, as me)


friends (near & afar)
work/colleagues (even though the work may be overwhelming at times)

nice, hot shower (especially after a long day at work)


morning’s cool, crisp air (when i wind down the window as i drive to work)

sun, sea, sand (anytime)


bible (still trying to read it daily)
the 1st christmas
free movie download (despite sloooow download rate)
triplet members/aunty vui tze

bolster and nice comfy bed (anytime)

dirty, smelly, holey pyjamas (love it as it is)
touch, sight, smell, taste, hearing… the basic ability to carry out activities of daily living
(especially when the patients i see daily are unable to experience so)
shelter over my head (especially in the wake of hagibis)
democracy in malaysia (i think)
traffic police (but not if i’m caught speeding)
mum’s simple home-cooked food
friendly, helpful salesperson (though rare)
clean water
humility in great leaders
airasia (although the flights may be delayed)

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