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kid-sized christmas celebration December 25, 2007

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16th december 2007 – kiddie club of d’stream anglican church celebrated christmas 9 days earlier. it was well-attended by all the little ones…

teacher madalen telling the kids the story about the birth of Jesus and the meaning of christmas

a cool pair of boots

 little jing-jing

a d’stream-er’s colleague’s kids, i think
 zaccaria (i have a feeling she loves pink)
mei yee, the daughter of cut’s gallery’s staff (i like this picture of her)
 kids will be kids
phyllis and ashley, how they have both grown
the classic three-legged race
kiddie club’s teacher of teachers – aunty kath
helpers – margaret, shawn & madalen
shania, owner of the cool boots, having a jolly good time
pinning the donkey’s tail, blindfolded. i think i remember this game from loooooooooooooooooong time ago
aunty kath working the crowd


grace, grace
father-child bonding… sweet
hui tin & cutie pie zoe
cynthia chia, d’stream’s diligent administrator, trying to pin the tail of the donkey when no one was looking (kidding!)
oh, zoe…

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