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little ezra @kundasang February 6, 2008

20th january 2008 – we drove to kundasang for an overnight family trip… it has been a looooooooooooong time since we last travelled together. so long that i can’t even remember our last trip together (or was it my poor memory).

gleeful ezra


” drinking” aunty’s tiger beer


wearing grandpa’s cap


happy little family
 that night, we had a bottle of wine and a few cans of beer… along with chicken wings and lots of junk food. bryan, my bro-in-law, showed us slides of their recent trip to beijing. at the same time, sharing about their impending move to beijing. we went to bed around midnight. i slept fitfully because i got the mattress on the floor with a thin blanket. BrrRrrRrrrrrrr… bukan main sejuk!
the next day, i woke up earlier than usual and was rewarded with a scenic view of mt. kinabalu. how can i not love sabah with all its offerings?
after shooting a few pictures, my mum & i drove to a nearby coffee shop to order takeaways for the sleepy-heads
 ezra is a curious toddler
 after breakfast, we went for a walk around kinabalu pine resort
after that, we drove to ranau for lunch, followed by a visit to moroli river, which is about 20km away. RM5 per entrance for locals.
the special thing about this river is the fish, which supposedly suck the angin (air) from your body. i seriously doubt its medicinal benefit but it was a good experience, having fishes nibbling at your lower limbs.
this fellow is jeffrin, the guy who pushed hard for the tagal system to be adopted by his villagers. this system empowers the local community through “native customary law” and the “sabah inland fisheries and aquaculture enactment” to protect, revive and harvest the fish in a sustainable manner. memang hero…

One Response to “little ezra @kundasang”

  1. JW & AL Says:

    wow! this place is awesome! I like the river!

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