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“modelling” February 9, 2008

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3rd february 2008 – since my informal “modelling” session for maya 2 years ago here, this has got to be my first formal “modelling” session…

the photoshoot session was by a graphic design company, which was newly opened around october/november 2007

it is located at no. 34, taman landbreeze, penampang

the photoshoot was commissioned by “boss” julia, who runs a skin care company for the family

during the make-up session, it was a reality check on my own skin condition and et cetera. some of the comments were a) uneven skin tone b) bushy eyebrow c) short eyelashes d) chubby-ish cheeks
i have got to have these fake eyelashes stuck onto my upper eyelids
this baby belongs to ellis, the photographer – canon 20d. by the way, ellis second-shoots for louis pang, the wedding photographer
ellis shooting bridget

i stole several shots of bridget while the photographer was shooting

i like this picture of bridget, looking cheerful and natural

beer while waiting

i was so gigglish… fail as a model lah

* picture shot by julia
* picture shot by julia


at the end of the day, the beer cans were more than these!

all in all, i had a jolly-good time.


2 Responses to ““modelling””

  1. S h a M © Says:

    Hey!! One of the company’s owner is my high schoolmate. Only found out about it on Saturday… third day of CNY… when she has been around in KK even before I came back from UK. *Tsk Tsk* I know… what a friend… Hahaha… she didn’t mind, neither did I.

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    so far, i only met two (2) persons from that company. allie, the graphic designer i believe and her elder brother, ellis, the free-lance photographer. both of them were super nice.ok, never too late to find out la. now we have another option for our… “photography needs” >.<

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