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32nd birthday February 16, 2008

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6th february 2008 – this year, my birthday fell on chinese new year eve. so, for a change, i celebrated my birthday with my relatives.

my mum made me a blueberry cheesecake…

i thought the colour of the cake matched her blouse


me, looking so un-chinese new year! but i was sure comfortable. *picture taken by cousin tai juin


all my relatives! my dad is the one in red polo-shirt, sitting in his favourite chair, with remotes easily within his reach on the armrest.
a very unflattering picture of me, enjoying the cheesecake. *picture taken by cousin tai juin
this year, i was truly blessed on my birthday by many good wishes from friends via sms/online messages, many of which were unexpected. also, thanks to everyone who took time and effort to choose a thoughtful gift…
thanks for the scarf… i’m loving it! someone cheekily commented that it feels like kain lampin but that’s precisely what makes it so warm and comfy.
thanks for the durian chocolate, combination of my two (2) favourite things.
thanks for Reese’s milk choc with peanut butter… all the way from singapore! so touched!
thanks for bag… i’ll use it bah. it’s the thoughts that count.
thanks for the photography magazines! a gift after my own heart!
thanks for the pearl necklace… so meaningful to me.
and above all, thank God for His love shown through all my friends and family. THAT… is unbeatable.

2 Responses to “32nd birthday”

  1. JW & AL Says:

    Hi Cath,Happy Belated Birthday! :)Your mom so great, can bake such a beautiful cake. That’s a blessing! 🙂

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    thanks, amanda!yea, mum is a good cook. that’s why it’s tough to lose weight la!

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