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central market @kota kinabalu March 5, 2008

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9th february 2008 – i have been around kota kinabalu for at least a couple of decades and it seems as if there is always something new to be discovered. a trip to the central market recently was indeed an eye-opener.
ok, this picture is slightly irrelevant to the whole blog post. just to show that i enjoyed the reese’s peanut butter chocolate.

kk plaza to the left, and central market to the right. julia & i were there during the chinese new year period. thus, the red lanterns.

 hawker stalls above the central market


sewing needles

tools of the trade
making kuih talam
ada begitu banyak jenis beras meh???
setting up food stalls

ikan masin (salted fish)
passing time
no no no, not mine.

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