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nomad floorball club tournament March 12, 2008

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on 24th february 2008 (sun), nomad floorball club organised a floorball tournament at all saints’ secondary school. i don’t know much about floorball and i have no idea about the outcome of the tournament (ok, i only know nfc won the gold). but if you are interested, click here. i was there only because i was asked to be the medic. of course, i wasn’t kept busy throughout the tournament (thankfully!), so i brought gus along and took some pictures.


cynthia was the official photographer, seen here with ollie



this hall held many memories… not all of them pleasant, unfortunately. i remember during secondary school, i was once caught talking with kah poh during monday’s dreaded assembly by “garfield” (whom we shall not name). consequently, i was asked to stand on-stage in front of hundreds of students thoughout the assembly. so, this was my view then. except, now, the experience was not as traumatic.


videocam, handled by sharain
i doubt they sat according to the allocated seats



macam-macam nama pun ada!
drinks sponsored by f&n. i think towards the end, this guy was also drawn into the game.
substitution bench…
shawn the referee… look further and you can spot cynthia snapping pics across the hall
silver and gold have i none. but what i have i give to you… fake gold, silver & bronze medals.
eugene of nfc doing the matrix-thingy
leonard the goalie taking a nap… i mean, a break.
siapa punya?
halfway through the tournament, it rained heavily
oh, throughout the whole tournament, only one player was injured. he was sent away after cold compression, pressure bandaging and rest. he will live…
post scriptum: thanks to amie, we can now view larger format pictures at this site! thanks a great deal for sharing!

3 Responses to “nomad floorball club tournament”

  1. Ami3 S10 Says:

    whoa! the pic of the rain does look heavy! Great shot..:) and no probs on the help! ^_^ yay! yep, can see big pics liaoo looo!

  2. Kevin Says:

    yeah… i can never take rainshots… Now got idea oredi ;)God bless!

  3. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    amie: thanks for the help & encouragement… yes, big pics!YAY! \o/kevin: thanks for dropping by with an encouragement. looking forward to see rain shots over at your website. g’day, mate >.< hehehehe…

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