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queen victoria March 16, 2008

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6th march 2008 – the previous day, a u.s navy ship (i think), docked at the pelabuhan, opposite the place where i stay. then the very next day, queen victoria docked at the same pelabuhan. kevin lo entered a blog post on queen victoria here when it docked in sydney. i wonder, is noah’s ark bigger?


the u.s. navy ship, i think

queen victoria


look at the stilt village behind, totally dwarfed by queen victoria.
food for thought: when we stand before God, will we feel insignificant in His presence? will we be humbled? will we feel all our puny little problems melt away in comparison to His greatness? will we be silenced? just as the big-ness of the queen victoria makes everything else seems so insignificant, so small, so negligible, so “never mind”…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ehhhhhhhaha so crazy! didn’t see this post till today! lOlGood stuff!Big right the ship? lOlGod bless!K.Lo.

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