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little ezra March 22, 2008

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8th-9th march 2008 – babysitting my one-year-old nephew is no easy feat…

first and foremost, got to prevent him from falling, bumping into sharp corners/edges, slipping, breaking fragile things, putting objects into his mouth, et cetera.

on top of that, got to find ways and means to keep him entertained

variety of food in hand to keep him fed and nourished

easily bored, he likes to be carried around instead of staying in one place

his sleep, our rest

shangrila’s tanjung aru resort



ezra & mum


chicken wings at kinabalu golf club

tanjung aru beach

ezra’s 1st outing to the beach

i think he’ll be ready to take up scuba diving… soon.

post scriptum: he left with his parents the very next day (10th march 2008). i still miss him :_(

One Response to “little ezra”

  1. DigitalShutterMania Says:

    Beautiful sun set photo : )

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