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maya oh, maya March 27, 2008

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patient’s area @sembulan


this is the nicer section of the bridge. should have seen the rest…

after a hectic “season” at work, i took a few days off during the week leading to easter. although i did not get as much rest as i would love to, at least i caught up with some friends.


had brunch with julia at this old coffee shop @foh sang. love their teh c, toasted bread and half-boiled egg!


the very photogenic vivien at maple cafe @damai. can’t wait for maternity shoot with her! tell you something… when she was approximately 3-month pregnant, her tummy was about as big as mine. oh well, some “pregnancy” just lasts a lifetime >.<

and the main reason i chose to take my annual leave during that week…

…and whenever maya is back in town, she NEVER fails to drag me to tun fuad park @bukit padang to climb that %$@&*@ hill.

exactly my thoughts…

those who climb that hill religiously would be pretty familiar with this longkang besar. it marks the beginning of the torture.

as you can see, i was lagging behind maya

brought “gus” along so i could pretend to shoot when i was in need of a break

ok, need a breather

another one before i experience hypoxia

alright, getting rid of the lactic acid in my muscle & blood

why, oh why???

memo to self: MUST bring “gus” to climb mt kinabalu


phew! finally… downhill. weeeeeeeeeEEeeeEeeeeeeEeEEEeeeeee… *flop*

here’s another annual ritual of ours… SPA!

mandara spa @magellan sutera harbour resort & spa



i think it would be much more interesting if they put a fish in the bowl. or maybe, a dvd player. just a thought bah.

exfoliants and massage oils to choose from

hot bath overlooking the ocean… bliss.

went to filipino market in kk with maya after the spa session. another annual must-do.
hawkers preparing for the night

maya choosing her handicrafts

youths hanging around the mosque

all that glitter is not gold


this year, we did not get to spend much time together as her hubby came over later in the week (shoo!). also, i went up to kudat with the intention of going over to pulau banggi. tell you more in another post. up next, our very educational trip to sabah port @sepanggar with the rotaract club of likas bay.


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