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sabah ports @sepanggar April 9, 2008

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19th mar 2008 – gosh, this post is almost one month late. while maya was back in kk, besides dragging me to the spa/tun fuad park/filipino market, she managed to convince me to go with her and our fathers for a visit to the sabah ports sdn bhd @sapanggar. since i was on leave then, i reluctantly woke up early that wednesday morning to join her.
rotarians from the likas bay district. can u spot maya on the far right?
a super long talk by senior manager of the corporate management – en. sebran ahmat
suria capital holdings bhd, which owns the sabah ports sdn bhd, will be starting a 2-billion commercial development project – jesselton waterfront, through its other subsidiary, suria bumiria sdn bhd soon. the only reason i took interest in the project is that it’s taking place right in front of my current home!
semua kena pakai topi kartun
i heard that, that very day, they were preparing to receive a u.s submarine. nopes, tak nampak.
should be a nice spot to fish along this bridge. alas, it’s illegal to do so.
maya talking business with en. sebran…
… while i scoot off, taking pictures.
apparently, asia bulkers sdn bhd (formerly known as johan container services sdn bhd) is one of the main container service providers.
after a whole morning of overly intellectual visit to the sabah ports sdn bhd, we dropped by to the penyu cafe at nexus karambunai resort for lunch. maya was craving for chicken rice from wishbone @jesselton hotel. since wishbone is now closed for business, i figured it was no harm trying the chicken rice at the cafe. bad move. it does not even look palatable. anyone with a better suggestion of where to get delicious chicken rice in an air-conditioned environment? maya will be indebted.
satay for the london-based malaysian
i had the ham, cheese & egg sandwich…
… with a glass of long island tea. ya bah, tea only bah.

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