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almost… banggi island April 17, 2008

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over the long easter weekend, a group of us were supposed to go over to banggi island, which was about 1 hour by ferry from kudat. however, due to complicated situations, we were unable to do so. as a result, we spent our time in kudat.

eight (8) of us took this mini bus from kota kinabalu to kudat. this picture was taken at a pit stop.


in the van, waiting for the rest to come back from a pee/poo
after about 3 hours, we reached kudat at about 12.30pm. while we were dropping off a passenger somewhere in a kudat village, the tyre punctured. here, the mini bus driver was changing tyre. we helped by… erm… giving moral support.
upon arrival at the ferry terminal in kudat, we realized that the ferry service at 9am to banggi island was cancelled. therefore, the next & final ferry service at 2.30pm was full. FULL!!! ARGH!!!
after lunch, we went back to the ferry terminal, hoping to be able to board the ferry illegally, with permission. as you can see, a lot of passengers were hanging around, trying to get to banggi island. needless to say, we did not manage to board. wait, we did… but we got off again. it’s a long story.
we then decided to check ourselves into an available “hotel”. following which, we walked over to the nearby esplanade for fishing.
i was still sorely disappointed, after all the planning…

elaine’s fishing rod

georgina’s catch
trying to undo sharon c’s fishing line
although we were unable to reach banggi island, we enjoyed our time fishing. that night, after dinner, i fell fast asleep. tired from the journey and the @$*#&%# pms!!
the next morning, after i managed to wake up (translation: i overslept!), i went to the nearby market for picture taking.
i bought 2 pieces of sarong.

by noon, i took a cab back to kota kinabalu together with sharon c & meg while the rest stayed on for another day of fishing. all in all, it was a learning experience for me.

banggi island, you just wait! i will conquer you, someday!


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