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grip of grace April 21, 2008

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ever want so much for your life to be like a movie?

being able to rewind to choose again, being able to replay the happy memories, being able to fast forward the pain, being able to stop/pause to think through tough decisions… to have at least the sypnosis. to know the ending, which usually is a happily-ever-after ending.
but it’s never like that. we have only one life to live… one bullet to shoot. one swing to the hole. one serve to a winning shot (you get the drift right?)

so, we need to aim well. focus right.

but.. but… but… but… what if we fall?


“Jehovah your God is mighty in your midst; He will save, He will rejoice over you with joy; He is silent in His love; He rejoices over you with joyful shout.” Zep 3:17



we will NEVER ever fall beyond His grace.


2 Responses to “grip of grace”

  1. SOUR BOI Says:

    that was really comforting..thankz much Cath ;] ian, ***

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:


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