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uss patriot (mcm 7) April 28, 2008

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16th april 2008 – several crew members of the uss patriot (mcm 7) and a couple of members from the rotary club of kota kinabalu, visited the palliative care associaiton of kota kinabalu on the 15th april, to help the association clear its equipment room. in turn, the very next day, the nurses and volunteers of the association were invited to visit the u.s. navy ship!


uss patriot (mcm 7) – its mission is to clear the bottom and water column of mines in coastal and offshore areas regardless of depth.


walking down gingerly




our “guide” for the day, garrett w. cecilio


i think this is mag reel… correct me if i’m wrong. a wide variety of instruments and techniques are used to find and eliminate mines. these includes mechanical cutters on stainless steel wires towed astern, magnetic and accoustic influence mechanisms, and neutralization with charges placed by the mine neutralization vehicle. goodness, who in the world places mines in the sea?


no, we did not climb in here… thankfully.


some high-tech equipment used to disarm mines.

*understandably, no pictures were allowed in their control room*




in case there’s no electricity, this old-fashion thing is used for communication.


captain’s seat. there’s only room for one.



was told to do a “titanic” pose here… yikes! more like “you jump, i watch”.


my colleague & i with garrett








the association’s administrative assistant – angela.


saw this at the port… this is for you, maya! miss u heaps!


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