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kitty cats May 31, 2008

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19th may 2008 – wesak day. after fishing the whole morning, i went on to sharon c.’s place to snap pictures of her beloved cats.

initially, the cats were very relunctant to pose for me. instead, they went into hiding. so i got to shoot the plants.


later, “mau mee” warmed up a little.
pondering T H E question…
T H E ultimate question in life…
“will cats enter into Heaven when they passed on”? (i mean, after their 9th life)
“woggie” (nickname for golliwog)
sharon c. – owner of the 3 cats & member of spca

fishing May 30, 2008

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19th may 2008 – wesak day. spent the day photographing & fishing…

the bait

fishing – kampung style, courtesy of cynthia lee

sham’s fishing rod


chai hoong’s lecture note


… and her catch.

cynthia & her catch

chai hoong & her catch

mysterious fisherperson (hehehehe… being politically correct).
who might she be?
my feet
siesta… *picture secretly snapped by chai hoong*

me & my one-and-only catch *again, picture taken by chai hoong*

at the end of the day, we had a total of 16 fishes. most of them were caught by cynthia
mysterious fisherperson unveiled – elaine!

where the treasure of your heart is… May 28, 2008

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what an expensive-looking car…

major o u c h


i love sunset

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not the most beautiful sunset but enough to make my heart glad…


nomad floorball league 2008 – finals May 26, 2008

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18th may 2008 – final showdown…



penalty shot by eugene of nomad black ravens

stylo-mylo punya goalie. i think this is felix

game over

nomad black ravens – 2nd runner up. well done!

a jubilant cynthia

nomad black ravens & nomad all saints, and the supporters..

w e l l d o n e !

post scriptum: sometimes, it is not about winning the game, but how it is played.


birthday celebration @grazie May 25, 2008

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17th may 2008 – celebrated julia’s 12th anniversary of her 21st birthday!
that very night, it was a “civil war” between the two (2) nomad teams, namely nomad black ravens and nomad all saints, in a bid to secure a place in the nomad floorball league 2008 championship. later, i heard nomad black ravens lost, big time. maybe it has got something to do with me not being there? *grins*
grazie… my favourite italian restaurant in town. in my opinion, it is more authentic than bella italia as well as the well-established little italy.


birthday girl with her dessert

mei hsia

moi! cheeky-blur look


happy birthday, julia!!!

nomad floorball league 2008 – day 3

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12th may 2008 – reloaded vs hope-skytos, i think.


secretariat for the day – madalen

let the game begins…


i see something that kind of reminds me of matrix