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crocodile farm @tuaran June 8, 2008

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31st may 2008 – our cell group outing to taman buaya tuaran!


when we reached there, the show was almost over.

yup, over.

we were then entertained with cultural dance. more for the tourists, i would think.

after enduring through 20-30 minutes of the cultural dance, we walked around the taman. saw this tail-less croc. no idea what happened to the tail but i would think this handicap would throw off its balance when crawling. then again, there’s not much space for this poor croc to move about.


guess what were they waiting for?


feeding time! they were thrown chickens… at least not the live ones. that would be cruel, in my opinion.

this croc kind of freak me out a little. look at its right eye.

zoomed in picture for more freaky effect. ewww…. the eye is popped out, yet still attached. non-functional i’m sure.

someone needs a manicure…

not that scary when placed in a pool. *phew*


something about ostrich amuses me… God’s creativity, ingenuity and sense of humour, all rolled into one. *i’m envious of its eyelash. then again, maybe not*


chai hoong, our “tour leader” for the day and payau.

georgina feeding the payau

… and ps thomas thinking of feeding on this payau.

yikes…. they look so geli.

literally hundreds of them. yikes!

koi fish

some ular… chai hoong actually posed with it! you can call me a scary cat, but i’ll not go as far as to pose with it!

later, we adjourned to gayang seafood restaurant for lunch…


… followed by coconut pudding for dessert by some road side. by then, we were really full. i mean, the cannot-take-another-spoonful-or-else-i-would-vomit kind of full.

we decided to walk off our fullness at 1borneo. huge place, but only the cinema was open then.


here’s a group pic. from left to right: chai hoong, siau yee, georgina, ps vui tze & ps thomas.

three (3) of us then joined some others for fishing @yayasan sabah.

the bait

ada orang jiwang sebab tiada kawan hook bait untuk dia. hehehehe


can tell it’s a lady’s fishing toolbox just by the sheer presence of the baby wipes =)

cynthia threw the hook in and posed for a picture…

… eh, so fast song diau?


especially for elaine, who’s far far far away. in case she misses this place. kekekekekekekekeke… NOT!




for phyllis-san, we miss you!


2 Responses to “crocodile farm @tuaran”

  1. Wei Leng Says:

    thank you Cathrine san, miss you all so much too~!(and you were wondering who were the few anonymous readers of your blog. ;P )take care ya~!

  2. erinchong Says:

    u took great photos here!!!!

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