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hear ye! hear ye! June 12, 2008

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“it was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” (a tale of two cities; dickens, c.)

the opening line of charles dicken’s most famous novel (i think), best describes my tenure with the palliative care association of kota kinabalu.
i have learnt much from my dying patients. and i am still learning… that at the end of the day (or rather, at the end of our lives), the more important things in life are neither material possessions nor fame nor successes. but rather, it is to be at peace with God and man. and the best gift to us, difficult as it may be for some of us to believe, is our family.
besides that, random things that i learnt:
– to appreciate each sunset
– to wash the dinner’s dishes for mama as much as i can, because tomorrow, i may not have the privilege of doing so.
– to cut short my time pity-partying, because then, i may miss the real party!
– to ignore what everyone else think of me, as long as God thinks i’m ok.
– that life may not be fair, but at the end of my life, when i meet God face to face, He is able to repay me back… ham pa lang.. and much, much more!
– there is a purpose for everything under the sun.
– do not gossip but rather, share my feelings with someone safe.
– to be a listening ear
– that when life is tough, it is not the end of the world, although it may seem to be so.
– God is more dependable than man
– most likely, my charles & keith discount card can’t be used in the afterlife.
therefore, to end my duty as a nurse coordinator with the palliative care association on the 23rd june 2008 is a bittersweet decision. but one that i believe will bring about an exciting and much needed change…

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