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GCC’s fundraising June 27, 2008

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21st june 2008 – after photoshooting in the morning, and yumcha in the late afternoon, i rushed home with only 45 minutes to prepare before rushing out for glory christian centre‘s d’next generation dinner, in support of their building extension project…


julia & mei hsia

mei hsia & i

beatrice & i

international dance performed by the youth & the children

song presentation & testimony by pastor dong. he shared of how he used to beg for livelihood in the streets of the philippines due to his handicap. however, God came into his life and inspired him to write songs to God. besides that, God gave him a wife and several beautiful kids. wow! God is not limited by our “handicaps” in life… as long as we yield to Him.
dance presentation by the children. as you can see, my view was partially blocked. but i was too shy to stand up and take pictures. must. maintain. glamour.
energetic pom-pom dance by the youth

catwalk by the youth

catwalk together with the children. i love this kid’s pose – spunky!

on the left is ezra, julia’s nephew.


hamilton was singing, “you raise me up” by josh groban. lovely song.

close-up of hamilton, julia’s brother-in-law, on the projector screen


after dinner, we went for a drink at hyatt’s mosaic



julia! the model so pretty but the picture so blur… why? why?? why???


here’s a big thank you to julia for inviting me to the dinner

post scriptum: beatrice was also with us @mosaic but her picture turned out to be super blurry. no price for guessing who was the photographer la *winks*


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