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penang village @1borneo hypermall July 3, 2008

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28th June 2008 – dinner at penang village, 1borneo hypermall with mei hsia…

a good selection of penang’s delicacies

mei hsia had their village fried rice, i think…

while i tried their prawn mee

both of us had their rose syrup drink

the following monday, i brought my mum over to try their food. personally, i would rate their food as average only. what do you think?

3 Responses to “penang village @1borneo hypermall”

  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    Hi Cath Kong,I believe you paid a bomb for the food. Didn’t mean to add salt to injury. Heard the instant har mee packet taste better than the one served there.Hope to catch a bus to 1 Borneo this Tue.

  2. Hi&Lo Says:

    Your blog evokes strong and deep feelings. You capture humanity at work with simple sights into a story worth millions of words.The old man feeding birds: he might be happier than we thought.Never knew the fountain in Gaya St held such charm.”The best of time and the worst of time”, you are right. It was from Tale of 2 cities.Hey, a bit of pity party is ok and healthy cos we are human. Getting off our chest as it is, is healing.You are right abt resisting the path of least resistance.Enjoy your nuggets of wisdom.Keep smiling and exercise your facial muscles. hehehe

  3. Hi&Lo Says:

    Cath,Last Friday my friend approached me for help. Her niece was charged in court for putting up a banner claiming cure for cancer.She is a provision shop operator and also involve in direct selling. The former sells supplements.Being a timid woman, she engaged a lawyer who advised her to plead not guilty in her first court appearance last year.Today her case came up for mention. But her lawyer had refused to return her calls since. So she was unrepresented.I drafted a mitigation plea for her. The judge was so kind to fine her RM1,500 which took the pharma enforcement by surprise cos normally it was RM3,000.I had advised her to claim the costs from the distributor.

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