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beijing: day 1 July 16, 2008

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4th july 2008 – 12noon: my parents and i left for beijing to spend some time with my sister and her family.

3.30pm+: we transited in hong kong airport for a while…


i spent a short while taking pictures.


before long, i took out my laptop stored with unwatched episodes of grey’s anatomy’s season 3 and 4. blissfulness.
4.45pm+: soon, it was time to board our flight onward to beijing. i was mostly reading newspapers/magazines or napping.


8pm+: shortly before we touched down to beijing international airport, we were informed by the captain that due to heavy rain & thunderstorm, we were unable to land. after doing a few merry-go-rounds, we were diverted to tianjin airport for fuel refill.


8.45pm+: tianjin airport… awaiting clearance to disembark/fuel refill.
9.30pm: waiting, reading, napping, dehydrating (due to the airline requirement, we were unable to bring more than 100mls of liquid on board)
10:15pm: waiting, fidgeting, disturbing the already nerve-wrecked air hostesses for glasses of water… and trying to ignore multiple complaints from different passengers.
11.30pm: pacing the aisle to prevent deep vein thrombosis!
12:30am: attempted to watch kungfu panda on my laptop with limited battery charge.
12:45am: informed by the captain that we may disembark soon.
1:15am: disembarked… took a coach from the airplane to the airport for immigration clearance. witnessed several shouting incidents. awaiting at the carousel for luggages.
2:45am: got all luggages. more shouting incidents.
4am: board an inferior coach for a 1-hour ride from tianjin to beijing. more shouting incidents.
5.30am: dropped off at beijing international airport… *yawn*

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