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beijing: day 11 July 31, 2008

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14th july 2008 – a visit to factory 798.


located in dashanzi art district (original 798 factory), the heart of a growing art and culture community in beijing, 798 space is the center and the biggest space that provide cultural, artistic and commercial activities in the area.


it was designed by the east german’s architects in the bauhaus style in the early 1950’s. through the reconstruction and redesigning with the contemporary aesthetics by artists, the space combines the past, present, and future of the “new china” and the unique meaning of the socialistic culture.


made me take a second look.


despite the lack of any conscious aesthetic in the bauhaus-inspired style, which grounded architectural beauty in practical, industrial function, the swooping arcs and soaring chimneys had an uplifting effect on modern eyes, a sort of post-industrial chic.


the plans, where form follows function, called for large indoor spaces designed to let the maximum amount of natural light into the workplace. arch-supported sections of the ceiling would curve upwards then fall diagonally along the high slanted banks or windows; this pattern would be repeated several times in the larger rooms, giving the roof its characteristic sawtooth-like appearance. despite beijing’s northern location, the windows were all to face north because the light from that direction would cast fewer shadows.





_MG_8407 copy

didn’t take much pictures as photography is mostly prohibited.





tee hee hee…

this is one of the few sub-factories that is still in use!
_MG_8432 copy
random picture while walking near the surrounding area hunting for food.
nephew at home, with a cheeky look, sitting on his toy.

2 Responses to “beijing: day 11”

  1. Hi&Lo Says:

    Aiyoyo, you posed so naturally nonchalant with the figurines. You had me in stitches. What was in your mind?

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    nothing… purely posing =)

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