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hong kong: day 2 September 30, 2008

21st july 2008 – guided tour round hong kong, sans disneyland, thankfully.


first stop, repulse bay.


residence of the rich & famous behind us.


can you spot jackie chan’s residence?

_MG_8688 copy


_MG_8686_edited-1 copy

praying to the god of fortune






gosh, i can’t remember where’s this place. apparently, all the “boat people” shelter from the typhoon here.




self-portrait 101: pretend to look nonchalant.


the famous jumbo seafood restaurant








supposedly sir li ka shing‘s boat…


a tad bored while waiting for the rest of the tour group to board the coach…


stopped by a jewellery factory to allow the tour guide to earn some side income from the commission.




took a cable car to ngong ping village, which is set on a 1.5ha land on lantau island.


panoramic view from the cable car


last year, a cable car plunged 50m to the ground… *shudder* but fortunately, it was only a brake test and no passengers were riding in the cabin.





it is approximately a 20-minute ride, travelling along the 5.7km long bi-cable gondola lift system.


ngong ping village


tian tan buddha


nope, did not climb those steps.

_MG_8769_edited-1 copy

instead, we walked around the nearby po lin monastery


did not attempt to be enlightened by sitting under the bodhi tree



kwai lin ko… now, how do i translate this… turtle pudding? hahahahaha…

avenue of stars




simple but delicious meal


more of nathan road


2 Responses to “hong kong: day 2”

  1. chongerin Says:

    Your pictures are so so good! Helped me to “re-live” my long forgotten HK trip two years ago..

  2. sun, sea & sand lover Says:

    thanks… these pictures will help me “re-live” the experience too, few years down the road.

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