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hong kong: day 3 October 1, 2008

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22nd july 2008 – a visit to des veoux road… known for its dried seafood products e.g. salted fish, dried shrimp, scallop, and some unidentified objects.
as i strolled through the walkway, the aromas and fragrances were unmistakably those of seafood products.


i strongly discourage the buying & selling of shark fin!








salted fish, anyone?


i will NEVER eat one of these… whatever they are! yikes!!


my parents & i had our lunch nearby after being totally exhausted from all the walking.


i love this – fried pancake with red bean stuffing.


on our final night in hong kong, we just had to have another bowl of the steamed milk. delicious!


we also tried the dessert at a popular shop (can’t remember its name though). this dessert consists of mango cubes in mango puree with mango ice-cream. totally mango-licious!


my parents had this – mango cubes with coconut milk.

oh well, here ends my 3-week holidays in beijing-hong kong. i must say it was a refreshing way to spend time with my family as well as to experience different things before i start a new job.

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