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mel c’s wedding @STAR November 30, 2008

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22 november 2008 – mel c’s wedding at Shangrila’s Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR). it was beautiful…


the venue for the sunset cocktail


the wedding took place by the beach. i love it!
the bride looks beautiful… love the gown, the bouquet, and the fact that she walked down the aisle barefooted. totally unpretentious.
cute flowergirl
CONGRATULATIONS, mr & mrs hung!
mel c was carted to the venue by this golf buggy. the person who thought of this idea is a genius *wink wink*
a picture with the bride *picture courtesy of pamela
lovely backdrop to complete the wedding
love the details…

sushi & soju November 28, 2008

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mid november 2008 – after dance practice, went over to cynl’s place for dinner.

the girls were helping out in the kitchen. needless to say, i escaped the chore by pretending to take pictures *sheepish look*


later, after passing the camera over to felix/eugene, i picked up the guitar and started strumming… G-A-D over and over and over and over and over and over… *picture courtesy of eugene.

an anonymous other also escaped the chore as she, too, was tired. *picture courtesy of felix

eugene, whose facial expression i can’t really decipher. *picture courtesy of felix

eugene squeezing the “happy family” in hope of dispelling his anger. *picture courtesy of felix

serri’s facial expression is priceless! *picture courtesy of felix

gosh, it has been the longest time since i last took a picture with cynl… *picture courtesy of felix

luciana, our sifu, teaching us how to roll a sushi.


for the sushi filling, we had cucumber, salmon, seaweed and… what else? can’t remember. memory failing me. roe for the topping.

first, we filled 2/3 of the seaweed wrapping with japanese rice. then, we placed the filling in the middle of the rice.
then, gently but firmly, we rolled the seaweed and all, careful to ensure that the filling was in the smack centre of the roll.
finally, we cut the roll, beginning at the centre, and moving to the sides. voila, our very own, homemade sushi!

the whole japanese experience was completed with shochu, which was brought back all the way from japan by elaine.

shochu is an alcoholic beverage of japan, most commonly distilled from barley, rice or sweet potato. this particular shochu is 25% alcohol by volume. we had it with lemon as well as lime. personally, i love it with lime!

elaine, the alcohol supplier. arigato gozaimasu!

felix, surrounded by luciana, cync and rainbow.

cikgu rainbow
OooOo… i love love love love this picture!
felix & cync
ying ying
i assure you that both of them were absolutely sober. *picture courtesy of felix
yummmm *picture courtesy of felix
serri taking a picture of felix taking a picture of her taking a picture of him *picture courtesy of felix
luciana, sifu. *picture courtesy of felix

bak kut teh @cell group November 22, 2008

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14th november 2008 – bak kut teh for dinner at cell group…

yummy yummy…

lovingly prepared by aunty kath

zoe playing on her own while waiting for dinner to be ready…

… whereas sharon & chai hoong tried to solve some mathematics

zoe & mummy, hui tin


cell leader extraordinaire, ps vui tze


sunset @tanjung aru beach November 21, 2008

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2nd november 2008 – enjoying the sunset on a sunday evening…




me: sham, which dslr are you getting?

sham: not too sure yet.

cynl: get an olympus!
me: erm… btw, what happened to your “ollie”‘s lcd? *rubbing salt to the wound*
 cynl: -_-
me: get a canon!
(moments later… when i wanted to get a picture of a lady strolling down the beach with her doggie… “gus” died on me)
cynl: what were you saying about canon?
me: -_-
soon-to-be nikon/sony alpha dslr owner



_MG_9113 copy

owner of an olympus dslr with a faulty lcd


_MG_9119 copy

kiddie club’s picnic @tanjung aru beach November 20, 2008

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26th october 2008 – kiddie’s club picnic at tanjung aru beach!

all the kids gathered at d’stream before being ferried to the beach…

a prayer by aunty kath before heading off…

a short time of singing songs and listening to stories about Jesus!

unmistakably theirs…

jaynabelle – little miss sunshine!

he’s going to be a looker… but more than that, may he be a man of character!

nathania – friendliest kid ever!

jing jing, who kind of reminds me of myself when i was young. not the looks. but her demeanor. shy & introverted. but i’m sure it’s the same God Who is able to mould and use as He pleases.



shania & vanessa

aren’t they creative?


the boys doing it the rough way!

jaynabelle & her sand-man

i asked zoe what was she doing… and guess what!? she told me she was making “sand juice”! cracked me up!

shania – well-mannered & obedient. totally lovable. there’s something special in her that i can’t really describe.

picture of ashley, taken off ground level.

little hands that will one day bring big changes to this world…


meeting ezra November 14, 2008

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september 2008 – met up with my sister and her family as they were in kuala lumpur for a short holidays. my parents flew in to meet up with them.

i miss the little one…

cute right?
ezra appeared in an advertisement.

adieu to cheras

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end of september 2008 – pictures with my housemates, sans sussan, on my last day of work (pictures courtesy of unice).

with my roommate, unice, a fellow-sabahan.

with rathika & komathy…

later, had lunch with some others at a korean restaurant, but of course, gus was not around… good memories in cheras, but i was mighty glad to be back home in kota kinabalu. truly, home sweet home.