through gus' lenses

in remembrance of mr. c November 8, 2008

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pina colada
30mls coconut milk
30mls rum
30mls pineapple juice

long island tea
10mls rum
10mls tequila
10mls gin
10mls vodka
10mls triple sec
15mls coke
15mls sprite (or 30mls tea water)
1/4 squeezed lime juice
1 slice lemon
full glass of ice

though mr. c was unable to talk much due to the malignant tumour on his tongue, i could see that his eyes brightened up when he attempted to tell me about his previous job as a bartender. mr. c came from a poor background, yet he showed his appreciation for our effort in caring for him, by giving me the secret to his cocktail concoction, a week or so before his death (that must have been about a year ago). his simple yet powerful act touched me in an indescribable manner. so, this entry is dedicated to mr.c, in remembrance of him.

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